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Saturday Rocks:100 Greatest Alice Cooper Songs:

Cu diferiti oameni in spate,regele Shock-Rock'ului s-a mentinut la acelais nivel impresionant toata cariera.Dupa 48 de ani de show'uri incredibile,Alice poate spune ca a realizat cu mult peste ce unii doar viseaza.Am fi crezut ca dupa 25 de albume si sute de single'uri,unul dintre cei mai controversati aparatori ai "diferentelor" se retrage lasand in urma melodii variate,dar se pare ca nu are de cand sa se opreasca la 48 de ani,eu abia astept sa sarbatorim al 50'lea an de cariera cu el pe scena.

Trebuie sa recunosc ca mi-a luat ma mult decat credeam sa fac top'ul asta,fiind un artist foarte complex si avand o trecere atat de brusca de la balade cu pian,chitara acustica si versuri de dragoste la descrierea unui Thriller Medical pus pe o linie melodia.Asta am incercat si eu sa fac,sa variez cat mai mult pentru a nu impartii cele 100 de melodii in balade si cantece brute cu versuri rupte din povestile de groaza.
Fara alte introduceri care oricum sunt de prisos,

100 Greatest Alice Cooper Songs:


99.Six Hours

98.I’m so angry

97.B.B on Mars


95.I’m the Coolest


93.Sex,Death and Money

92.Spark in the night

91.Every Woman has a Name

90.For Veronica’s Sake

89.Halo of Flies


87.Wish I was born in Beverly Hills

86.Thrill my Gorilla

85.Pretty Ballerina

84.Trick Bag

83.Jackknife Johnny

82.I’m always chasing rainbows

81.Fresh Blood

80.Roses on white lace


78.10 Minutes Before the Worm

77.Damned if you do


75.Crazy Little Child

74.You’re a movie




70.Seven and Seven Is

69.Under my Wheels

67.Return of the Spiders

66.Caught a Dream


64.He’s Back

63.No Man’s Land

62.Lay Down and Die,Goodbye

61.Street Fight


59.Leather Boots

58.Lace and Whiskey


56.The Awakening

55.Aspirin Damage

54.Luney Tune

53.Teenage Frankenstein


51.I never cry

50.Who do you think you are


48.Woman Machine

47.It’s me

46.This Maniac’s in Love with You

45.I’m Alive

44.I am the future

43.Department of Youth

42.I’m your gun

41.Dirty Dreams

40.Be with you awhile

39.Dead Babies

38.Eat Some More

37.Lock me up

36.Only my heart talkin’

35.Skeletons in the closet


33.The one that got away

32.Catch me if you can

31.I love the dead

30.I’ll bite your face off

29.Bad Place Alone


27.What do you want from me

26.Lost in America

25.Wake the Dead

24.Bed of nails

23.Not that kind of love

22. Snakebite

21.Only Women Bleed

20.Welcome to my nightmare


18.You and Me

17.Brutal Planet

16.Burning our bed

15.It’s much too late

14.Hell is living without you

13.I’m Eighteen

12.Love’s a loaded gun


10. Killed by love

9.Vengeance is mine

8.Prince of Darkness

7.Hey Stoopid

6.House of fire

5.Feed my Frankenstein

4. Bilion Dollar Babies

3. No More Mr. Nice Guy


1.School’s Out

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