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100 Rock Songs about Drugs:

Unul dintre cele mai distructive lucruri din lumea si mai ales din industria divertismentului de orice fel,dar,ironic si cel mai asociat lucru cu lumea rock'ului mai ales sunt fara dar si poate drogurile.
Mai in gluma mai in serios luate,acestea au facut subiectele a multor cantecele legendare de'a lungul anilor,si daca reprezentatii altor genuri se ascund dupa reflectoare puternice,costumatii stralucitoare si versuri "roz",legendele rock'ului au preferat sa faca unele dintre cele mai bune melodii si de ce nu sa faca misto pe seama acestui subiect care,deloc in gluma a curmat vietile a multor legende.Legende care,ironic,au cantata in repetate randuri despre asta.
Probabil veti considera o magarie postarea acestui top in vezi Doamne saptamana sfanta,daca e sa fii sfant,fi frate tot timpu' nu numai o saptamana si dupa du-te si tragei-o vecinei de la 3.
Si pentru a va alimenta aceasta pofta de critica inutila sa stiti ca urmeaza si un top cu cantece despre sex sau curve:-?inca nu m-am hotarat.

Acestea fiind spuse,va prezint 100 cele mai reprezentative cantece despre droguri(cu cateva exceptii care nu sunt chiar rock):

100 Greatest Rock Songs about Drugs:

100. The Beatles-Glass Onion

99. Motley Crue-White Punks on Dope

98. Cypress Hill-Hits form the Bong

97. Love-Signed D.C

96. The Beatles-Got to get you into my life

95. John Prine-Sam Stone

94. David Essex-Rock on

93. Queens of the Stone Age-Feel good hit of the summer

92. Lynyrd Skynyrd-The needle and the spoon

91. Nickelback-Rockstar

90. Bob Dylan-Desolation Row

89.Guns N’Roses-Used to love her

88. Pulp-Sorted for E’s & Wizz

87. Etta James-I’d rather go blind

86. Velvet Underground-I’m waiting for the man

85. Bob Dylan-Rainy day woman no. 12 & 35

84. The Doors-Waiting for the sun

83. My Bloody Valentine-Glider EP

82. Funkadelic-Maggot Brain

81. Country Joe & The Fish-Bass strings

80. MC5-Rocket Reducer no. 62

79. The Heartbreakers-Chinese Rocks

78. The Beatles-Rain

77. The Doors-Strage Peoples

76. Ben Folds Five-Brick

75. Black Crowes-She Talks to Angel

74. Alice in Chains-Down in a hole

73. Lou Reed-Perfect Day

72. Primal Scream-Higher then the sun

71. The Byrds-Eight miles high

70. Electric Prunes-I had to much to dream(last night)

69. The Temptations-Cold nine

68. The Greatful Dead-Dark Star

67. Happy Mondays-Do it better

66. The Third Bardo-Lose your mind

65. Ella Fitzgerald w/Chick Webb & His Orchestra-Wacky Dust

64. Louis Armstrong-Muggles

63. Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band-Ah feel like ahcid

62. Donovan-Hurdy Gurdy Man

61. Oasis-Morning Glory

60. The Allman Brothers Band-Whipping post

59. Tim Hardin-Red Balloon

58. The Byrds-Artifical energy

57. Guns N’Roses-My Michelle

56. Pink Floyd-See Emily Play

55. Iggy Pop-China Girl

54. Eric Burdon & The Animals-A girl name Sandoz

53. The Guess Who-No sugat tonight/new mother nature

52. Syd Barrett-If it’s in you

51. The Beach Boys-Good Vibrations

50. The Dramatics-The Devil is Dope

49. The Small Faces-Here comes the nice

48. Red Hot Chili Peppers-Under the bridge

47. Steppenwolf-Snowblind friend

46. Peter Cook and Dudley Moore-The L.S Bumblee Bee

45. Three Dog Night-Mama told me not to come

44. The Beatles-Tomorrow never knows

43. The Tempations-Psychedelic shack

42. Def Leppard-From the inside

41. Metallica-Master of Puppets

40. Sublime-Smoke two joints

39. Rick James-Mary Jane

38. The Beatles-Revolution 9

37. Lynyrd Skynyrd-The smell

36. The Doors-Five to one

35. Lemonheads-My drug buddy

34. The Only Ones-Another girl,another planet

33. Nirvana-Lithium

32. The Grateful Dead-“Casey Jones” and Truckin

31. The Doors-The Crystal sheep

30. Ramones-Carbona not glue

29. Motley Crue-Dr.Feelgood

28. Chemical Brothers-The pills won't help you now

27. Curtis Mayfield-Pusherman

26. The Smoke-My firend Jack

25. John Lennon&The Plastic Ono Band-Cold Turkey

24. Buckcherry-Lit up

23. 13th Floors Elevators-Roller Coaster

22. Pink Floyd-Astronomy Domine

21. Tom Petty-Last dance with Mary Jane

20. The Strangles-Golden brown

19. Traffic-Hole in my shoe

18. Guns N’Roses-Mr. Brownstone

17. The Beatles-Lucy in the sky with diamonds

16. Fred Neil-Sweet Cocaine

15. Pink Floyd-Confortably numb

14. The Rolling Stones-Something happened to me yesterday

13. Steppenwolf-The Pusher

12. James Brown-King Heroin

11. The Rolling Stones-Mother’s little helper

10. The Eagles-Life in the first lane

9. Ramones-I wanna be sedate

8. Black Sabbath-Sweet Leaf

7. Neil Young-The Needle and the Damage Done

6. Jimi Hendrix-Purple Haze

5. Steppenwolf-Magic Carpet Ride

4. Velvet Undergorund-Heroine

3. Jefferson Airplane-White Rabbit

2. The Rolling Stones-Sister morphine

1. Eric Clapton-Cocaine

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