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Saturday Rocks:100 Greatest KISS songs

Dupa ce mai multi cititori mai mult sau mai putin fideli ai blogului s-au plans de codurile embed care ingreuneaza viteza acestuia,m-am gandit sa ma scutesc si eu de cateva ore de cautare si copy/paste in plus si sa las doar titlurile melodiilor atunci cand voi face un top,deci fiti fericiti,am scapat de coduri.
Aveam de gand sa fac un top mai putin "numeros" saptamana aceasta,dar mi-am spus ca doua legende una dupa alta nu strica,asa ca saptamana asta am facut un top 100 cele mai bune melodii KISS,stiti voi,trupa aia...trupa aia care...eh,la naiba,tintele si limba lui Gene sunt de ajuns pentru a definii KISS,si nimeni nu o poate face mai bine,asa ca va las direct cu top'ul pentru a nu risca sa ma pierd in comentarii tampite vis-a-vis de o trupa geniala.

100 Cele mai bune cantece KISS:

100.The Oath
99.I walk alone
98.Never Enough
96.Room Service
95.Let me go,Rock N’Roll
94.Into the void
93.You love to hate you
92.Cadillac of Dreams
91.Tears are falling
90.Heart of Chrome
88.War Machine
86.Under the Rose
85.Love her all I can
84.Burn Bitch Burn
83.Get all you can take
82.I still love you
81.I’m Alive
80.You wanted the best
77.Sweet Pain
76.I stole your love
75.Childhood’s End
74.2.000 Man
73.Thrills in the night
72.Take it off
69.Christina Sixteen
68.I finally found my way
66.Hide your heart
65.100.000 Years
64.Silver Spoon
63.Little Caesar
62.Flaming Youth
61.Hell or Hallelujah
60.Love’s a slap in the face
59.I Confess
58.Rock N’Roll Party
57.A world without heroes
56.Every time I look at you
55.Torpedo Girl
53.Gimme More
52.Say yeah
51.Dark Light
50.Love’s a deadly weapon
49.You’re all that I want
48.Hell on high water
47.Do you love me?
46.Psycho Circus
44.Creatures of the night
43.Modern Day Delilah
42.Dirty Livin’
41.Strange Ways
40.Talk to me
39.We are one
38.Under the gun
36.Sure know something
35.Rock Bottom
34.Then she kissed me
33.Black Diamond
31.Shock Me
29.I love it loud
28.Rock and Roll Hell
25.Nothin’to lose
24.Good Girl Gone Bad
23.All hell’s breakin’ loose
22.Rise to it
21.Lick it up
20.Hard Times
19.Hard luck woman
18.Love Gun
17.Let’s pun the X in Sex
16.Got to chose
14.Shout it out loud
13.Goin’ Blind
12.Cold Gin
10.Reason to live
9.God of Thunder
8.C’mon and love me
7.Hotter than hell
6.Heaven’s on fire
5.Crazy Crazy Nights
4.Detroit rock city
3.Rock N’Roll all nite
2.I was made for lovin’ you
1.God gave rock n’roll to you

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