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Staruri rock vegetariene,Part.I

Acum aproape 2 ani am decis sa renunt la consumul de carne in urma vizionarii documentarului prezentat de Paul McCartney,If Slaughterhouses had Glass Walls(am mai mentionat asta de cateva ori,dar nu mi place sa fac mare tam-tam pe subiectul acesta pentru a fi sigura ca nu cad in zona in care vegeterianismul este o "fita").

Nu mare mi-a fost mirarea insa,sa descopar ca si 50 dintre cele mai sonore nume din industria muzicala au adoptat acest stil de viata.Din punct de vedere al sanatatii,de mila fata de animalele moarte doar pentru a simtii ei un gust placut pe limba sau pur si simplu pentru ca asa e "in fisa postului",astfel m-am decis sa fac o postare pe 5 parti despre starurile rock care au renuntat la consumul de carne,fiind fie lacto-ovo-vegetarieri(nu consuma carne,dar consuma produse de provenienta animala,asa ca mine),vegetarieni,consumatori de carne alba dar nu de carne rosie sau vegani.
Numarul celebritatilor din intreaga lume care urmeaza acest stil de viata este unul de ordinele sutelor si probabil am omis si cateva nume din muzica care au aceste "credinte alimentare"(daca e asa si v-ati sesizat,nu va sfiiti sa comentati)si aceasta postare are ca scop in primul rand sa va demonstreze ca vegetarienii nu sunt anomalii ale naturii,ba chiar sunt oameni ca la aproape 70 de ani,dupa peste 50 de ani de cariera inca mai pot sustine un concert de 3 ore mult mai bine ca unele "staruri" de 20 si ceva de ani care nu doar ca o consuma dar se mai si imbraca in carne.

Staruri rock vegetariene,Part. I:

1.Paul McCartney:

 Paul McCartney este probabil cel mai pasionat star rock cand vine vorba de apararea drepturilor animalelor si in sustinerea vegeterianismului.De mai bine de 20 de ani,Sir. Paul McCartney a renuntat la carne,facand numeroase petitii in care isi sustine cauza.Totusi,de ce a devenit vegetarian?Se pare ca motivul principal pentru care a renuntat la carne este fosta lui sotie,Linda Eastman cu care are 4 copii.Se pare ca Linda,o aparatoare infocata a drepturilor animalelor a reusit sa-l faca si pe unul dintre cei mai mari cantareti ai lumii sa renunte la stilul sau de viata de pana atunci.Sir McCartney a declarat in 1992 pentru The Vegetarian:
For us going veggie was really only down to one thing - that Linda and I both grew up being mad-keen nature-lovers. She, over on her side of the world, was looking under rocks for salamanders in posh Scarsdale, where she grew up.
Anyway, I had a farm in Scotand which I didn't really like. I'd never really fixed it up at all. So Linda said to me that we could do the place up, take down the old shed and re-do all the walls. Anyway, over the years we got it all together and instead of having an old neighbour looking after the animals, we did it. Eventually we got our own sheep and started looking after them. So it got really nice with the sheep and we got to start understanding all the animals.One day we were having Sunday lunch - we were still meat-eaters, just building a home with the kids and that - and Linda was a really good meat cook.
We were eating roast lamb for Sunday lunch and it was the lambing season and there were all these beautiful little lambs gambolling around.Then we just looked at the lamb on our plate and looked at them outside again and thought "we're eating one of those little things that is gaily running around outside". It just struck us, and we said "Wait a minute maybe we don't want to do this".
And that was it, that was the big turning point and we said we'd give up meat.”
3 ani mai tarziu,McCartney a spus ca daca Linda nu ar fi reusit sa pregateasca mese din ce in ce mai variate si sa nu schimbe meniul atat incat sa-l faca gustos,probabil nu ar fi reusit sa ramana vegetarian.

2.Kirk Hammett:

Din ciclul "Ce nu stiai despre artistii favoriti",il avem pe Kirk Hammett cu al sau stil de viata abordat acum multi ani si pe seama caruia nu a facut foarte mare caz,probabil doar atunci cand fanii au inceput sa arunce cu sandwich-uri cu sunca in el la prima aparitie a trupei la Donington festival.Fara a exagera si fan al pastelor,mancarii chinezesti si Indiene,Kirk este lacto-ovo-vegetarian,ceea ce ii permite sa consume produse de provenienta animala,dar niciun fel de carne.

3.Brian May:

Mare iubitor de pisici si de animale in general,May a renuntat la consumul e carne inca de la inceputul anilor '90,de atunci fiind implicat in numeroase campanii.A patronat o campanie impotriva omorului animalelor,pe sosele,5.4 milioane de pisici fiind omorate doar in USA de soferii imprudenti,povestind pentru The Guardian cum s-a oprit pe sosea langa o pisica pe moarte si a stat langa ea jumatate de ora pana cand aceasta a decedat.A inceput campania Save Me in UK,explicandu-le englezilor cat de josnic este sa primesti bani pentru a omori animale "I’d like to challenge whoever did this to stand up in public and explain why they think that killing a fine beast like this is the right thing to do, because I simply can’t understand it.I think it’s completely despicable – it’s beyond belief. The idea that someone can pay to kill an animal, to take pleasure in the killing, and then take a part of their anatomy to hang on their wall as a trophy, belongs in the dark ages with bear-baiting and burning witches at the stake.”.
Wildlife Rocks este o alta campanie patronata de May,prin care uneste toate figurile de renume din industriile de entretainment care ii impartasesc credintele din acest punct de vedere.

4.Yoko Ono:

Intrata in una dintre cele mai mediatizate trupe din istorie direct ca sotie a celui mai controversat artist al momentului,Yoko Ono este o cunoscuta impatimita a acestui stil de viata,cel putin...partial,acum cateva saptamani postand pe Twitter o imagine cu un sandiwch cu ton si salata verde,din care rezulta ca aceasta consuma peste.A condus numeroase campanii impotriva consumul de carne alaturi de Paul McCartney si se declara fac a miscarii „Meet free Monday”.

5.Joan Jett:

„I am a musician and I am a vegetarian” se numea o campanie patronata de regina Rock N’Roll-ului in cadrul PETA,campanie in care mai regaseam si alte nume celebre care impartasesc acest stil de viata ca Paul McCartney,Geezer Butler sau Bryan Adams.Joan a luptat si impotriva cancerului la san si este una dintre cele mai impatimite personalitati din organizatia de protectie a animalelor mentionata mai sus,purtand deseori in concerte,la meeting-uri sau la diferite evenimente un tricou cu logo-ul acestora.
Dar cum nici un vegetarian/vegan/raw vegan nu s-a nascut asa,si Joan are povestea ei de inceput,facand-o cunoscuta intr-un interviu bazat exclusiv pe stilul ei de viata pentru The Observer;” When the Runaways was drawing to a close, I ate nothing but breakfast food for a year. Just French toast, pancakes and muffins, and I started to lose the taste for meat. Then I read John Robbins's Diet for a New America which got me thinking about farm to plate and soon I was thinking about slaughterhouses all day long. That was pretty disturbing. I'm not a preacher, I'm not dogmatic, I let people come to their own conclusions, but I promote it at a healthy level through Peta [People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals] or through small talk. I've handed out leaflets but I feel better mentally and physically so I like to mention that.
Twenty years ago I thought: "What's the difference between eating a bloody steak and killing my dog, slitting him open and roasting him?" I've always loved animals but it was around the late 80s that I realised I had to go vegetarian.

6.Bryan Adams:

Un alt adept PETA si a stilului de viata vegetarian,Bryan Adams recunoaste ca si beneficiile pe care i le aduce acest stil de viata din punct de vedere fizic,l-au indemnat sa i se alature.Despre cum a devenit vegetarian,de ce si ce parere are despre omorarea animalelor pentru haine si de ce a devenit membru PETA,in randurile de mai jos:

"I became a vegan for my health 20 years ago. I abide by the rule that if it looks like it's going to clog your system, it probably will. People don't understand about me being vegan, but I'm not a preacher, I simply have my view on what works for me. It would be wonderful to convince people without having to say much. For example, I'm very slim due to my diet. When I see men and women my age with their guts hanging over their trousers I wish someone was able to explain the benefits of diet, and that they are likely to be toxic and blocked from the things they've eaten.
 Being sympathetic to animal rights is just something that came very naturally to me. Perhaps because I used to have dogs growing up, and you know they became part of the family. And it never occurred to me growing up … I never put the whole thing of animal cruelty and that together as a youngster. But the moment I began to understand what was going on with the treatment of animals, it led me more and more in the way of the path I am [on] now, which is a complete vegan. 
 I've been vegetarian for about 17-18 years now, since I was about 28. And of course, my motto has always been "If you love animals, don't eat them."

7.Billy Idol:

William Michael Albert Broad pe numele sau adevarat,Idol este singurul din aceasta lista care nu a renuntat la consumul de carne nici din punct devedere a sanatatii,nici din cauza milei fata de acestea.Sustine ca adevenit vegetarian la 18 ani,chiar daca 12 ani mai tarziu toata lumea ii spunea ca arata "ca naiba" si mult prea imbatranit,lucru de care nu i-a pasat.Se pare ca singurul motiv pentru care si-a schimbat regimul a fost programul haotic pe care il avea din cauza concertelor,consumul de alcool,carnea si substante interzise facandu-i rau la stomac,muzica Rock si mancarea fiind doua lucruri care nu se potrivesc,si,avand in vedere ca voia sa o faca "ca la carte",si-a spus ca si asta e un element care il va ajuta in cariera.Cu o gardeorba compusa 80% din haine de piele si cu dorinta de arata ca David Bowie,o revista americana scria acum 10 ani "Idol became a vegetarian because he wanted to look like David Bowie.He is still largely a vegetarian but does eat shellfish."

8.Rob Zombie:

O surpriza chiar si pentru mine,Robert Bartleh Cummings pe numele sau adevarat este,pe langa regizor de filme horror si imaginea perfecta a unei "ciudatenii" muzicale crescuta ca la carte,un vegetarian covins.Rob este aparator al drepturilor animalelor de peste 30 de ani,intr-un interviu acordat in Toronto in cadrul unui semi-turneu de promovare pentru ultimul sau film,Lords of Salem acesta a spus “The only thing I ever really care about is animals — animal causes. I don’t really care about people that much, but animals I feel like they always need to be protected.”.Chiar daca s-a alaturat PETA pentru multe campanii si este un impatimit al acestui stil de viata,nu a tinut neaparat sa faca mare caz din asta,fiind un lucru normal pentru el,nu un motiv de mandrie.Astfel,originea vegetarianismului sau nu a fost facuta publica in mod oficial,dar acesta a dat de inteles ca a renuntat la a mai manca carne in ’82,cand,la liceu le-a fost prezentat un documentar despre abatoare si cum sunt omorate animalele.


Parte din religia adventista ale caror mese organizate nu contin carne,Prince sustinea intr-un interviu acordat in ‚’97 unei reviste americane ca a adoptat acest stil de viata cu 10 ani in urma,in 2006 fiind votat „Cel mai sexy vegetarian” de catre adeptii PETA. "I've not eaten red meat for about 10 years now. Mayte for a lot longer.I've always had a preference for all things vegetarian but not until recently did I find out how good they were for you (in a physical sense).”
Adevaratul regim al acestuia a fost necunoscut pana cand,a acordat interviu din 1997 in care a fost intrebat daca est vegetarian sau vegan,raspunsul sau fiind „Vegetarian. I don't mess with no red meat.",fiind de asemenea vegetarian partial,consumand alimente de origine animala si carne alba.Se pare ca artistul a devenit vegetarian impreuna cu sotia sa de pe atunci,Mayte adepta a acestui stil de viata de mai mult timp si nu a facut-o neaparat din motive de sanatate ci pentru ca se ghideaza dupa premisa „If you kill,you die.”

10.Ozzy Osbourne:

Intre un liliac si un porumbel,Ozzy Osbourne se declara vegetarian in 2011 in show-ul lui Sharon,The Talk.Acesta spune ca a trecut de partea cealalta a baricadei dupa ce asistentul lui i-a aratat un documentar despre mancarea procesata si modul in care sunt omorate animalele in abatoare,Sharon urmandu-i si ea exemplul la scurt timp.La 4 luni dupa ce si-a schimbat stilul de viata,acesta declara "I feel OK actually, I feel better about myself, you know? I go on binges…That’s the reason why I decided to cut out meat and dairy because I’ve limited what I can have because when you’re on the road and you’re traveling, you grab buns and … burgers are everywhere … so now I’ve just narrowed the margin.".
Ozzy a vorbit si despre prima sa slujba,la un abator unde trebuia sa taie stomacele animalelor si sa le curete "For the first two or three weeks, I did nothing but throw up.The smell was just unbelievable."
A renuntat,insa la vegeterianism in Septembrie 2012,cand Sharon a crezut de cuviinta ca dieta Atkinson ar fi mai buna pentru ei.


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