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Saturday Rocks:100 Greatest Lynyrd Skynyrd Songs

Unul dintre cele mai “greu de realizat” top’uri de pana acum,nu neaparat datorita dimensiuni ci datorita Word’ului care ma uraste cu siguranta,avand grija sa se inchida si sa nu salveze nimic din ce am facut chiar dupa ce il terminasem.Si pentru a nu va speria si mai mult vorbind despre un program ca si cum ar fi o persoana,pana la urma tot raul e spre bine,in prima faza acesta avand doar 80 de locuri dupa ce am lucrat la el  3 ore,a doua oara cand l-am facut terminand cu unul de 100 de locuri in doar 40 de minute.Stiam ca-mi va fi greu sa fac un top Lynyrd Skynyrd,fiind genul de trupa care a avut grija sa scoata multe melodii bune si sa le puna in 5 albume diferite,top 10 aici fiind partea cea mai dificila.Cu aproape 50 de ani de cariera,schimbari majore datorita tragediei care le-a marcat evolutia(accidentul de avion de pe 20 Octombrie 1977),14 albume si multe single’uri de locul 1,Lynyrd Skynyrd s-a inscris inca de la primul album in cursa pentru “Cea mai buna trupa americana”.

100 Greatest Lynyrd Skynyrd:

97.Mad hatter
96.Santa’s messin’ with a kid
95.Sweet Mama
94.Southern ways
93.Life’s Lessons
92.Ready to fly
91.The Way
90.One day at a time
89.None of us are free
88.Comin’ back for more
87.Lucky man
86.Gone fishin’
85.Rough around the edges
84.Skynyrd Nation
82.How soon we forget
81.Edge of forever
80.Something to live for
79.Double Trouble
77.Sign of the times
76.Never to late
75.Travelin’ man
74.Backstreet crawler
73.One thing
72.It’s a killer
71.Good thing
70.Hell of heaven
69.Bring it on
68.Pure & Simple
67.I never dreamed
66.Red White & Blue
65.We ain’t much different
64.Nothing comes easy
63.Mean Streets
62.Classical Christmas
61.Full moon night
60.Start livin’ life again
59.That’s how I like it
58.Southern Woman
57.Can’t take that away
56.South of heaven
55.Born to run
54.Little thing called you
53.End of the road
52.I’ve seen enough
51.Best thing in life
50.Roll Gypsy Roll
49.Dead man walkin’
48.Rockin’ little town
47.Tomorrow’s Goodbye
46.Am I losin’
45.Made in the shade
44.Love don’t always come easy
43.Cry for the bad man
41.That ain’t my America
40.God & Guns
39.Ain’t no good life
38.You got that right
37.Home is where the heart is
36.I know a little
35.One more time
34.Blame it on a sad song
33.Unwrite that song
32.Workin’ for MCA
31.Simple life
30.The last rebel
29.Mississippi Kid
28.What’s you name
27.All I can do is write about it
26.That smell
25.I got the same old blues
24.Things goin’ on
23.Gimme back my bullets
22.Every mother’s son
21.Last of a dyin’ breed
20.Honky Tonk night time man
19.I’m a country boy
18.Cheatin’ Woman
17.The ballad of Curtis Leow
16.Railroad song
15.Saturday night special
14.I ain’t the one
13.Still Unbroken
12.Whiskey Rock-a-Roller
11.I need you
10.On the hunt
9.Poison Whiskey
8.Call me the breeze
7.Gimme three steps
6.Simple man
5.Don’t ask me no questions
4.The Needle and the spoon
3.Tuesday’s Gone
2.Sweet Home Alabama
1.Free bird

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